In 2010 I worked with Tangible Interaction and Telus to build an experience for the release of their new Android phone. Augmented reality has gained recent popularity because of the recent release of Pokemon GO, but it has been around for some time now, in the halls of select universities and in the toolboxes of creative technologists.

An asymmetrical marker called a fiducial was designed and placed on the face of the phone. Daniel Vasquez provided the animated 3D model of a hippo, complete with tricks and waiting animations.

Augmented reality from I Live With 20 Machines on Vimeo.

A computer with a webcam and a display are part of the installation. When the phone and marker are held up to a webcam, the hippo appears on the phone. A touch sensor was installed on the table in front of the display which, when touched, causes the hippo to do a trick in the water.

AR Hippo for TELUS from Tangible Interaction on Vimeo.

This project was built with Openframeworks and used an Arduino to control a hall effect sensor for the touch table.